Nicholas Husher


I've been designing and building user interfaces since 2007. My career has been defined by building and maintaining complex front-end applications alongside many contributors. I also can bring my computer science education to bear on backend development, aiding in business logic, infrastructure, and data model design. I'm a polyglot developer: I appreciate the opportunity to experiment with new languages and approaches.


Professional Experience

  1. Engineer-at-large Faraday

    Remote in Boston, MA – Present

    Faraday provides AI-driven data science for companies that can't or don't want to set up their own in-house data science group. They use a flexible infrastructure to apply artificial intelligence to different business problems, from generating marketing lists to recommending the locations of new storefronts.

    As a small startup looking for a niche in the market, my role is multifaceted. My main responsibility is improving their self-service market analysis web application. I'm also involved in database design discussions, data security, and continuous integration.

  2. Software Architect Lola Travel

    Boston, MA

    Lola Travel is a startup that is building lightweight, user-focused travel software for small businesses.

    My role was to provide technical leadership and support on three React-based projects: A React Native mobile app that can be used to book hotels and flights, a React web application that travel administrators within a company may use to track and manage business trips that employees have booked, and a web application that Lola agents use to provide support to the other two apps, served by a graphql endpoint.

  3. Senior Engineer Pwnie Express

    Boston, MA

    Pwnie Express provides vulnerability and threat detection software. They use custom-designed sensors to detect devices connected to a network and wireless devices that are adjacent to the network like cell phones, bluetooth devices, wireless printers, or credit card skimmers. These devices are categorized and indexed, and can be investigated using their web application.

    My job was threefold: I worked with other developers to implement new features that users and prospective clients want, that would drive engagement on the platform; I lead an application-wide effort to migrate the project from a legacy Ember implementation to one written in React, with more modern and functional sensibilities; And finally, I provided user experience leadership in an environment where there were many talented engineers, support reps, and salespeople, but no designers.

  4. Senior User Interface Developer / Dealertrack

    Burlington, VT provides software as a service for car dealerships. Their primary offering is dynamic website design, powered by rules-based inventory pricing and A/B testing. They were acquired by DealerTrack in 2014, which was subsequently acquired by Cox Automotive in 2015.

    I was one of four founding members of a team tasked with building the best-possible automotive CRM system, implemented in enterprise Java, Groovy, and Grails. I worked with industry experts to solve complex user experience problems, and worked to connect the backend of the CRM to the company's Hadoop-based analytics solution. I also helped lay down the cornerstones of a new "common container" project that sought to unify the UI codebases of many and Dealertrack properties into something more consistent, usable, and performant.

  5. Web Developer Bear Code

    Montpelier, VT


Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science
University of Vermont Burlington, VT
Associates of Science, Computer Engineering Technology
Vermont Technical College Randolph Center, VT