Nicholas Husher


I've been designing and building user interfaces since 2007. My career has been characterized by building and maintaining complex front-end applications alongside many contributors. My computer science education allows me contribute to backend development and aid in business logic and data model design.

I'm an expert in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, including leading edge features and standards like ES6 and ES2017. I have experience in human-computer interaction design and UI best-practices. I am self-directed, enthusiastic about independent learning, and have excellent problem-solving skills.

I'm a functional programming enthusiast; I beleive it makes software more reliable, easier to understand, and easier to change. It tends to also result in far less code; fewer lines written means fewer bugs means faster development velocity.


Professional Experience

  1. Software Architect Lola Travel

    Boston, MA – Present

    Lola Travel is a startup that is building lightweight, user-focused travel software for small businesses.

    My role is to provide technical leadership and support on three React-based projects: A React Native mobile app that can be used to book hotels and flights, a React web application that travel administrators within a company may use to track and manage business trips that employees have booked, and a web application that Lola agents use to provide support to the other two apps, served by a graphql endpoint.

  2. Senior Engineer Pwnie Express

    Boston, MA

    Pwnie Express provides vulnerability and threat detection software. They use custom-designed sensors to detect devices connected to a network and wireless devices that are adjacent to the network like cell phones, bluetooth devices, wireless printers, or credit card skimmers. These devices are categorized and indexed, and can be investigated using their web application.

    My job was threefold: I worked with other developers to implement new features that users and prospective clients want, that would drive engagement on the platform; I lead an application-wide effort to migrate the project from a legacy Ember implementation to one written in React, with more modern and functional sensibilities; And finally, I provided user experience leadership in an environment where there were many talented engineers, support reps, and salespeople, but no designers.

    • I collaborated on several engineering projects to bring new features to our most valuable customers
    • I lead the charge in converting a legacy Ember app to React
    • I took initiative to improve the user experience of the company's very-cool but very-complex network-visualiztion tool
  3. Senior Engineer Faraday

    Burlington, VT – Present (Consulting)

    Faraday provides machine-learning driven prospecting and marketing tools that strive for customer recruitment rather than untargeted email blasts. The company focuses on connecting companies that are selling big-ticket "dinner table" items with interested families. Example verticals are rooftop solar, high-end furniture, vacations, health and wellness, and home improvement. The simple-to-use interface lets a marketer slice and dice their market by many demographic criteria—it takes about 20 minutes to go from exploring a potential market to downloading a list. Compareed to the 'mystery meat' experience of buying a list from an ad agency, Faraday is an enormous improvement.

    My role at Faraday was fluid: Truly in early-stage startup mode, the company required that I wear several hats. Some of my job was to support our customer customer success team in ensuring our clients were happy and understood our application; other times, I would be implementing new features, or pushing an unruly app into a docker container. The major engineering efforts I led was: convering a proof-of-concept Angular app to React and Redux, which greatly increased developer productivity and allows for quick changes in direction when we learned new things about our customers' needs.

    I continue to work for Faraday in off-hours on a consultancy basis: I enjoy working with the team, I believe in the product, and I have good feelings and ownership over the codebase.

    • Worked on a custom country-wide household mapping visualization
    • Translated an Angular app to React, Redux, and Webpack
    • Maintained several docker-based microservices written in Node
  4. Senior User Interface Developer / Dealertrack

    Burlington, VT provides software as a service for car dealerships. Their primary offering is dynamic website design, powered by rules-based inventory pricing and A/B testing. They were acquired by DealerTrack in 2014, which was subsequently acquired by Cox Automotive in 2015.

    I was one of four founding members of a team tasked with building the best-possible automotive CRM system, implemented in enterprise Java, Groovy, and Grails. I worked with industry experts to solve complex user experience problems. I implemented a single-page app\ framework in YUI3 a year before SPA frameworks really existed. I also spent some time working in the backend, helping connect the CRM to a data warehouse system written in Hadoop. Before departing in 2015, I also helped lay down the cornerstones of a new "common container" project that sought to unify the UI codebases of many and Dealertrack properties into something more consistent, usable, and performant.

    • I provided UI/UX leadership for a cutting-edge, highly-scalable CRM product
    • I implemented flexible, composable UI framework with YUI3, SCSS, and jQuery
    • I collaborated with senior product managers and industry experts to create new features for our customers
    • Contributed to a new “common container” project, which facilitated building unified products
  5. Web Developer Bear Code

    Montpelier, VT

    Bear Code is a consultancy agency that primarily serves small businesses in Vermont. I was their UI-web guy, tasked with building web pages, customising Drupal installations, and doing whatever task needed to meet a deadline or satisfiy a client.


Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science
University of Vermont Burlington, VT
Associates of Science, Computer Engineering Technology
Vermont Technical College Randolph Center, VT